Often there is a challenge that is posed once in a while during conversations: WALK THE TALK. I bet the challenge there is to have ones action testifying more to the words that the individual is giving. The call is to the adherence to consistency.

When we examine our lives, we find something worth to live for. In his preaching and time on earth, Christ Jesus emphasized of our lives being consistent. That is, the call to produce fruit worth of the very testimony we profess (Mathew3:8). 

There are situations whereby the principles, values and actions we adhere to speak more louder than the word we would have spoken. The power thereof cannot be assumed. An old testament character by the name Daniel and his 3 friends are portrayed as men who walked the talk. They spoke less and the effects of their courses of actions are overwhelming.

Having been taken to Babylon at his youth age and given a place to learn the Chaldean philosophy, he had just but one principle…Daniel 1:8:… And Daniel had come to the decision that he would not make himself unclean with the king’s food or wine; so he made a request to the captain of the unsexed (Eunuchs)  servants that he might not make himself unclean. He would not engage in that which was to make him impure. Running through chapter 1-6, he is presented as one who won the hearts of the kings of Babylon to the point of proclaiming Yahweh as true God.

First, he feeds from a diet that he was certain that there was no way it was defiled since meat and blood could easily defile him; either they be from beasts prohibited, offered to idols first or even defiled during slaughter due to blood. And at the end of time he is found wiser and intelligent than all.

Secondly, he reveals to the king his dream as well as the meaning. This is so after the king has ordered the execution of all the wise men; which he was a part of. Differently, the so called wise men were sorcerers and witchcraft while himself and his three friends worshiped and consulted Yahweh. He in the process saves the lives of these dark-powers devoted men.

Thirdly, his three friends have their faith on test. An idol is prepared and at the sounding of the trumpet everybody is supposed to bow to it. Their accusers find enough evidence to accuse them for defying the order. Their explanation is that THEY WILL NOT BOW TO IDOL no matter what: whether God rescues them or not. They had seen, during the captivity of Jerusalem, God not coming through and thus they were open to whatever way He, God, would respond but their loyalty to Him would not shift. God comes through for them and as a result Nebuchadnezzar heart is shifted to God’s way.

Lastly king Darius is trapped by schemers who were malicious of the level to which Daniel had risen to in the ladder of leadership, that is, leader of all chiefs. They were all answerable to him. They said in their hearts…Daniel 6:5…We will only get a reason for attacking Daniel in connection with the law of his God. They made a proposal to turn the king to a god but Daniel, being aware of their scheme, continued with his devotion to God. By the time the king was realizing, he had made a decree that could not be amended and he knew that Daniel was a devoted man and that all this scheme was meant to cripple him. This pains the heart of the king to the point of not eating. Daniel gained the favor with king Darius and Cyrus and finally vengeance, though crooked because the wives and children of the leaders were not involved.

In all these instances, Daniel is committed to doing that which he had learnt such that all these kings keep on elevating him from a level to the other. He coexists with them peaceably in-spite of their spiritual difference to the point that they make confession and acknowledge Yahweh’s hand. With doing the right thing and in the right way, we cannot be wrong irrespective of the people we work with or live with. Being a foreigner, depending on God with unwavering principles, he managed to serve under the various kingdoms for the 70 years of the captivity of Jews. Many are the times the name of Jesus has been tarnished due to our conduct in that we preach water while taking wine. It would be better if people saw us taking water and when they inquire why we take water and not wine we can be in a position to explain. More than 50% of our testimony and preaching is through lifestyle than with talking. And the big question at the end of the day is: IS THERE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CONVICT ME FOR BEING A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST JESUS?