Shooting thy foot, poisoning the future

‘I want to raise a generation devoid of conscience’ said Hitler. His motive led to him foreseeing the execution of thousands of Jews. It feels bad, doesn’t it? What started as a single idea and thought of an individual was actualized and led to a holocaust. It may seem as if it is an alien but it is the very philosophy that is on rise with our modern society. The doctrine of falsehood. When the art of relativism jets in, then everything is permissible. In his book, the enemy of the people, Henrik Ibsen depicts a character by the name Dr. Stockmann who makes one the following discovery: I have already told you that what I want to speak about is the great discovery I have made lately—the discovery that all the sources of our moral life are poisoned and that the whole fabric of our civic community is founded on the pestiferous soil of falsehood.
This falsehood is hedged and sandwiched in what is esteemed as liberality, freedom and rights. We live, off course, in a free world and people are free to make choices and decisions and the standard is that as long as it does not hurt the other person it is okay. Hurting the other person then becomes the standard. But note that there are many things that do not hurt others yet it is still wrong. But falsehood will often make things so appealing that a mere man cannot decode the coded message. Yet, when the one who has discerned the content and air their view they are attacked with every rebuke possible. In so doing our generation is full of people who are taking everything they say, see and hear and implement it in their lives. At the moment it seems fun, a thing of the youth and teens but with time when fruits come out, we will have to reap what we have been sowing. But is that not the obvious thing: that upon sowing one will have to reap. Failure to reap is part of reap.
The Israelites were on numerous time warned by God that upon their arrival to Canaan they should not imitate the trends of the ungodly tribes they will find there because doing so will lead them to captivity and God will judge them. More often he did send them warning by many prophets and when time came for God to let his wrath unveil, they were in for the real shock. But it was too late because they had to reap all they had been planting. What can one liken that generation to if not to a man who is armed with a pistol in his arm, pointing it to his foot as they lay as a troop in wait of the enemy and his fellow soldier warns him that if he won’t be keen he will shoot himself. Unfortunately he keeps on responding how equipped he is and cannot commit such an error and as the enemy draws near he shoots his foot and calls it accidental. The enemies lay hands on them and his colleagues flee and struggle to save him and he becomes a liability and in the end they are captured and taken hostage.
That is exactly where we are fast-tracking to: raising a generation devoid of conscious. We have and are poisoning the moral fabric of our society and expecting that the state of affairs will remain the same. We are facing an enemy we are aware of but ignorant when we are warned about the approach towards the right ways. It will be prudent to curb and tame the wave before it lands on us with our ignorance. It will not be seen today but the future will manifest and behold, we will be lamenting when it is too late.we are not only ruining the current but the future generation and they will point fingers at us. We will be the casualty as well.