When we were young we would go for holidays at our grandpa’s home under the instructions of Mama. Trust you me irrespective of the goodies and freedom experienced, one often felt that home was the best place to be irrespective of the duties and tasks and decimal freedom experienced. As a matter of fact even if one was experiencing privileges of that which they don’t experience at home, still home remained the best place to be.
Even now, as an adult, the feeling of wanting to be at my home still dwells in me. I miss being at my home place as opposed to being far away. No wonder we call it homesick. There is an attachment that is associated with the whole idea of getting to land home. Soldiers are more better to explain this. Fighting in a foreign land for a worth course of defending your nation yet when you get home you feel refreshed.
It is in a similar case with the hear of man. The Bible say that the heart of a man is restless till it finds its resting place in Him (God). Though there be a contenment of a kind, yet there is no completeness in it. This is so because the heart has been created with a deficiency which only the grand designer can fill: God. You fill it with all the luxury and thought and merry etc, still the space will leave an unsatisfied blank.
The thoughts about a glorious world will often cross an individuals mind. The same one will build castles in the mind yet work hard to achieve it, one has to think of heaven, hell, life after death even if one be in denial. I’m sure that all would like to be in the better place than in the worst place. In anycase, we always prefer good to evil/bad.
The earlier the better an individual summons themselves and asks if there are standards required to get there or the path or is it a place for anybody. The most certain way is to know that this imagination is of a place eternal. A desire to get home, eternal place, is not only longed for by the heart as at this moment but it is a place we long to go to and dwell. The desire rekindles ones flame to to be on the look-out and therefore guarding themselves and denouncing everything that may distract them from from getting to the place: home.

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