In our day to day life we often feel, hear, experience and engage in affairs that trigger mixed reaction. It is C.S Lewis who said that a man can’t call a line crooked unless he had an idea of a straight line. I’m sure you and I can attest to this. We often talk of unfairness because there is fairness, injustice because there is justice, bad because there is goodness, evil because of right amongst others.
I frequently hear of oppression taking occurrence between employer and employee as well as experience it, individuals narrating of how in the pursuit of justice they were taken for a walk in the jungle and gave up on the course and how others got it through a backdoor. Such vices do create bitterness in the hearts of many who deep within are sure that they deserved, yet it was served to another. Bribery is recipe for the day just like coffee is in almost all restaurants. Unfortunately these vices are so popular that they been normalized by being baptized and sugarcoated with sweet nametags like handshake, chai (tea), kurudisha mkono (extending a hand of gratitude) amongst others. The nametags are in themselves good used for the wrong motive: cover-ups.
Sure enough the moment you state that it is wrong to practice such, people will look at you as if you want to hold their eyes in your palm. Facts are facts, truth is truth even if all people think it to be opinions and lies respectively. If these things are just but a feeling, then nobody should feel offended by the other person’s actions and responses because according to them they were right and fine in doing so. Then, why do we complain? It is because there is a standard higher than us. that’s the moral law giver: God.
These vices are not inventions that we’ve invented. King Solomon in Ecclesiastes dictates that all we can see happening was happening in the olden days: a replica. Throughout the Bible, the story of Israelite is a mirror to us of the ways in which we fail God yet he doesn’t crush us at a go because if willing, He can. He has allowed time. Himself, God, keeps on calling us to change for the betterment of ourselves as well as others. Total vengeance is his and he can opt to pass it on in this life or life after. In Amos 5, he declares of the signs he has laid open before them to just draw them to change yet it doesn’t occur to them that he is doing so. They continue in wickedness and injustice, shedding of blood of innocent people, oppression, etc just like our modernized society. The strong find it funny when they are told that God will revenge for the weak, the oppressor too, the judge too, etc. A time and again the ultimate judgment seems to be a thing unimaginable but the Lord always declare that it is near.
His, God, word is not in vain. His whip befell them just as forewarned, even after Amos pleading their case. 1 timothy 2 admonishes us to pray for all including them that are in authority. However, God ain’t a magician or one intending to create robots in that he may force one to change even upon being prayed for. There is a freewill whereby change has to be a personal initiative under his guidance if we let him be. Hence, our leaders and everybody else has a choice to make. To walk in justice or not, to love or to hate, to worship or not to, to be corrupt or not to, and so on but the equation will always have an ultimate answer: to whose drum beat is one dancing at and how will The Just Judge judge you. We have choices when it comes to making decision but we have none when it comes to the outcomes.

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