Jesus is God Indeed

Islam claims Jesus was a Muslim and christianity depicts him as God.. Part of trinity. They say God cannot be a man, can’t marry, can’t have a child. No wonder they don’t like the Christians idea of man being created in God’s image. To them God is far and beyond while christianity claims God is emmanuel living with us.
Jesus, if he was a Muslim, could not have claimed to be a son to father because that’s blasphemy in Islam. Yet that’s what he claimed to be. This justifies christianity’claim of an all powerful God who can breath his life in a woman and a conception happens. It’s possible because he’s God of impossibility.
In chapter 18:20 of Mathew he makes a great statement. When people 2 or more gather for his name he’ll be there with them. This is but to claim to be omnipresent. Who is able to be where different gatherings are other than God. This is what christ claimed.
Mathew 22:41-46 he, Jesus, asks pharisees his origin and referred to David of the old who called Jesus my Lord. How then is he a son. They never asked him anymore question.
During the night of the mocl trial in Mathew 26:59-66 Jesus is asked who he is and his answer in vs 64 made the priest tore his clothes. Being a Jewish priest, this answer must have been a real blasphemy. And Jesus, if he was a Muslim, was a blasphemy indeed. But now that he was God in human nature and was telling the truth, it then vindicates the point of him being God.; not a Muslim believer. In any case, with such and many more scriptures, he ain’t then a good ‘prophet’ or ‘Muslim’ to follow. If he’s God, then his description of the true status of the heart of man and the solution makes it worth to follow and believe in him.
But wait a minute, a Muslim will exclaim, your version of injeel(Gospel) is corrupt. But the answer to that quiz is this: where is the original version then? You can’t call something wrong without a standard hence they must provide the correct and non-corrupt version in order to discredit what we have. Second answer : why justify that Jesus was a Muslim using the corrupt version whereas in using the same version to proof that he’s God you term it as corrupt. That’s being subjective and cunning. When one is objective they’ll find truth. Truth is eternal and all must pursue it and abide with it.

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