The other day I was reminded of a special gift that is often given out – but it has special conditions to it. Call it the gift voucher. I never knew this till I saw from my friend and learnt how it operates. A gift voucher has a worth, date at which I was issued, the consignee and the validity duration. The consignee is not so much considered because if you lose it, someone can take it to the supermarket and use it. Secondly, the gift voucher doesn’t last forever, it had a duration within which it ought to be used after which it becomes obsolete. When man sinned and was driven off the Garden of Eden, God sought of a way of reconciling the world, Humanity, back to Himself. Christ Jesus, Son of God, came into the world and paid the ransom to our sin. He paid the ultimate cost for sin committed by us and not Him. He was motivated by love. Just like the person who purchases the gift voucher for you. Christ, through His death on the cross as stated in the Gospels … Mathew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23 &24 and John 19 &24, gave the universe a gift: the gift of salvation. He died and resurrected on the third day just as He had stated earlier on. The consignee of this gift voucher, salvation, is anyone who accepts His offer. He died for the sin of the world and the privilege is unto anyone who accepts His offer. Even upon being gifted with the voucher, one may choose to reject it and so is salvation. It is an offer that has been given to every human but the willingness to receive or reject it depends on one’s freewill – this is an inherent characteristic that was set in place by God. All men are mortal while God is immortal. That means that we ain’t gonna live forever in this world – life on earth is temporal. A gift voucher has a limitation of time and value of what an individual can obtain with it but one may add money to get a thing of higher value than the one in the voucher. By the fact that we shall not live in this world forever is an illustration that the offer for accepting Christ Jesus will not last forever. It will last for as long as life endures on earth and after that the offer is no more. Romans 10: 8- 13 tells us that we just need to call unto Him and He will saves us for whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life John 3.16. Believing in Jesus’ death and resurrection and the power behind this is the gift. The value of this gift is immeasurable and needs not to be topped up to get a thing of higher value. It is the ultimate gift upon which we kick off life eternal the moment we receive it. The assurance is that we are guaranteed of life eternal the moment we receive Him. That the moment we die we shall rise again and be joined to Him. Failure to accept this offer will result to spending life in eternal condemnation. The call is to repentance, being born again and walking in the ways of holiness. Today is the day of salvation and upon hearing His voice, we are admonished not to harden our hearts

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