How to manage anger and stay happy


images.pngOne day a young girl was sitting by the fireplace with her grand ma. The fire crackled and glowed as the heat from the fire warmed their outstretched hands. As the young girl gazed into the flames, her grand ma started speaking.

‘My daughter, inside all of us, there is an ongoing battle between two powerful wolves.’

‘One is an angry wolf full of jealousy, greed, resentment and all the negative and useless emotions.’

‘The other is the wolf of happiness. He is the wolf of love, joy, peace and hope; the wolf of serenity indeed.’

The girl sat there unsettled. After a moment, she asked her grand ma,

‘But grand ma, which wolf wins the battle?’

‘My daughter, it is the one you will feed,’ she replied.

We should avoid occasions of anger. This can be people, places and things. This way, we can avoid feeding ourselves with harmful…

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