Learning it God’s Way

When God has something to teach He sends me a teacher. Ever thought of the impact of love. It is easy to show and to extend love. I must confess that this is only easy when it comes to the aspect of love with relation to our family members; may be our wives, dads, children, pals and everybody else who is so close to us. But, what about those people who are not in any way close to us? Those strangers whom we little know about or who know us not. Especially when we don’t share ideologies or they even hate us? How we then ought to replicate or how do we tackle the whole issue?

Since the beginning, God has always been the God of love. In this case I am talking about Yahweh the creator of heaven and earth. No wonder the bible says that out of it He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16-21). His major concern is that none of us should be condemned or perish. Thus, He came to that level for us to understand His love towards us. There is a vast evidence of testimonials in the bible and nature itself that illustrates the love of God. Just but to mention the pilgrimage of Israelites from Egypt to Canaan to Babylon, amongst many others.

The expectation of God upon us is that we will reciprocate the same to other people including those that we know and those that we don’t. You note that Jesus through his love irrespective of the ill experience from the people of different perspective didn’t give up and as a result of this he continued the push. He was tenacious and endured it all. Men were reconciled to God and an opportunity is granted unto us all to seek God and all this is the fruit of love.

Love ought to be both theoretical and practical. It has to be talked about and expressed practically. James in his epistle writes to us that faith without actions is dead and so is love. Loving for any negative motive is not love but hypocrisy. Many may just have read but never knew Christ personally yet He died for all. We who are believers in the atonement and lordship of Christ Jesus have known who He is and this forms part of our mandate as to what instruction he left to us in Mathew 18:18-20. We know that there is something good found in the believing of our lord Jesus Christ and that’s the reason why we must be the image of Christ here on earth. We are not bound to colour of the skin, nation, tribe, boundary, etc. we are to be Christ like whereby our concern is to see all come to the knowledge of Christ who is the way to God the father.

Think of a man trying to reach a fellow man or workmate with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and he keeps on being rejected because his skin is dark. The magnitude of racism. It takes longsuffering and patient heart to reach out to the same person with the awareness of the result. When God want to teach, He’ll bring us the teacher our way or the source of that lesson. The person could be exhibit every manner that’s opposite of that which God want us to learn. They may hate, be stubborn, nagging, impatience amongst others. However, within time the person changes their heart and they are receptive; giving an ear. A time comes when they need an organ donation or even a critical assistance and you bring them to their knees at the foot of the cross through the assistance. If love is to be mentioned in us, then we must connect to the source of the love and that’s God and that will only be so via the acceptance of the atonement and lordship of Jesus Christ. At the mention of love, Grace will be made mention too. Once we connect to the source, from us shall there rise rivers of these two.

The sensitization here is that we must be quick to learn and understand when and how God is on the move. Above all, we must be keen to listen to the conviction of the HolySpirit.

Movie: The Grace Card

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