Recently I had paid a visit to my upcountry home and many things unfolded in the course of my stay within. A relative passed away and there was mourners and the society’s prayers every evening. At the same time, a lot of other issues were happening and this caused pain because some cases were suicidal. That I must accept was bad and demoralizing to the community. The position of church within the society is to set the pace for the society, present the gospel and the person of Christ to them, and give direction amongst other roles. However, when the body of Christ fails in this responsibility, all that’s left is for the secular society to take over and lead the arena which is catastrophic.

We, the believers in the person of Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour, are salt and light of the society. Any time we talk of a rotten society especially amongst the young adults and teenagers and children alike, we will have to take a deep look at the elders and the older adults of the society. They are the ones from whom the rest look unto. When one induces a concept into the minds of a young person, they’ll live that as the ideal.

The problems lie in when the society thinks that going to ‘church’ is what will change the evils and the wickedness that is in the society – am not saying it doesn’t but that’s not the ideal. That is just a short-term solution which will soothe the society for just but a while. Then, what does it take to change the society? When one washes a cup in the outside and not inside, no one would dare drink from that cup. In application of this concept, a man will never change what he is until inside changes. Thus, when I listened to the 5 speakers who spoke every evening, I was agitated because all they were emphasizing was on how men and women ought to behave well and we’ll make a society that’s hard to destroy. And I reminded myself of the tower of babel and I saw the failure of that statement. A man cannot be changed unless is soul is transformed. And what transforms the heart of every human being is not what he reads or hears but what he believes. All the literature and other information just informs ones decision on what to believe and it’s after that that the man is changed. Christ has never been given a place in one’s heart and the person soaked into ungodliness but rather the opposite is the true – the individual becomes an agent of righteousness, holiness and every good work. The heart of man is desperately wicked but the lord brings salvation unto it. If am to see, off course you ain’t out of the equation, a changed society, then every one of us has to have a changed and a transformed heart which can only happen when we have made ask Christ for the answer. There are very many testimonials about his power to transform once an encounter with him has happened.  The church should remember the ancient path and the ideal solution: Christ is the answer.

Romans 12:1-2, Jeremiah 17:9-10, Jeremiah 6:16

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