Film Constitution Rights versus Moral Values


By Dr. David Oginde,

Ezekiel Mutua is at it again! This time round, the energetic CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board is seeking to control the content of movies delivered through online platforms. Mr. Mutua has proposed amendments to the laws governing classification and licensing of film, stage plays and publications so as to include new media platforms.


Of particular concern to the Board is the unbridled broadcast of what is has described as immoral content through such channels as YouTube and Netflix. As would be expected, there are already more than murmurs from some quarters, especially those who feel that the board is overstepping its mandate. Advertisers, writers, filmmakers, bloggers and actors have rejected the proposals arguing that they are not only punitive, but go against the spirit of the Constitution. This is not the first time Mutua is at loggerheads with media industry players. Indeed, in some…

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