Build Kiosks Along Pedestrian Foot Bridges

awesome thought there. challenge to us who are in the urban planning and design profession


By: Dr. David Oginde,

As young architectural students, one of the things we were taught early in the course was that every challenge or constraint provides an opportunity for a unique and creative design. Thus, a difficult client, a rugged terrain, or a tight budget, can all work together to help produce a most innovative architectural masterpiece. Indeed, some of the most brilliant pieces of architecture the world over have been produced around some very demanding circumstances. It thus requires an imaginative architect to turn challenging problems into marvels of art.

I have since come to realise that this principle from the architectural school applies to almost every aspect of life. When life offers you a lemon, you are the wiser to turn it into lemonade. It is in this light that I have pondered over what should be done to sort out three abiding challenges on our two main…

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