The Dawn Of The Revolution

Those years when I was in high school level of education, the term revolution never went off the board in one particular subject: history. At the mention of the term revolution, the next idea that ran my mind was war followed by arms and weapons of war, succeeded by liberation, characterized by loss of lives and shedding of blood. Just but a mention amongst others.
The main reason as to why revolution occurred, it still does occur even today, is to change a certain system somewhere in that the running and execution of roles and trends need to change. Depending on the line one is pursuing, there will be as many definitions as these lines of approach. The outstanding issue that remain is the change of a system. Among the working class revolution never ends because as transformations and changes (which are inevitable) keeps on popping up, there is a demand for a change in the operational trends hence the firmness of revolution.
During the reign of Roman kingdom under the leadership of king Tiberius Caesar, Jews were not in so good terms with this rulership  and thus were eagerly waiting for one they had read about in the prophesy of Isaiah who would liberate them from this iron fisted monarch of the Roman empire. This means they were waiting for one who would overthrow the Roman Empire and cause a real triumph over Romans politically and in terms of militia capacity. A king will be born unto us, whom the government will be upon His shoulders…. This meant that even the way He would be born it would be a preamble to the coming King who would be a true liberator. The council which was at the same time complaining against Ceaser and Romans were enjoying their luxuries from this same rulership and so they were anticipating that even with the coming king they would enjoy luxury. What a misguided understanding.
As a matter of fact, the same Isaiah had prophesied that in Him there was nothing attractive and appealing in Him which would be a pull factor. When His time came, a liberator had come but they missed the point. On this account, He wasn’t coming for them alone but for us all. In the world of materialism and possessions, the fight always have one slogan: ‘better’ ‘better’ ‘better’ year after year. Satisfaction is never achieved in this arena – especially when those material become a god.
The messianic coming was marked with a revolution which no other person has risen to change or seek for a better than that. The reason being that it was a true and everlasting revolution. His coming was long said that it would set many free, make rich, heal, deliver, liberate and make known unto us the favour of God the father. The recurrent revolutions in our daily lives are as a result of the scale of measure used which is materialism which does not satisfy holistically unlike when spiritual liberation has happened. His roles and marks of demonstration addressed both spiritual and physical issues and the priority being the spirit, then the physical is also handled – for man is a spirit having a body not a body having spirit.
No other person has ever given us a way of dealing with our maladies and guiltiness of our lives but Jesus the Christ and Lord who offers us forgiveness. This forgiveness translates to the wiping off condemnation from our lives for when He does it, He does so indeed. No prophet ever said that he has forgiven sins. No enlightenment that can forgive our sins too. The surety is only in Christ Jesus whose love is everlasting. His ultimate goal was to redeem and save humankind that by us believing in him our consciousness in God comes back to life for He came to give life to us who are dead to God. His coming was an eternal revolution whose occurrence brought a new dawn to the face of the earth. Now the reality of it all is only when we give ourselves to Him by believing in Him and allowing Him to be the Lord over our lives.
In so doing, nothing will be in a position to separate you and I from His love.
Luke 4:18-19
Romans 8:1-39
Isaiah 53:1-12; 61:1-2; 9:6-7

by Ken Sammoh

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