The Perfect Illumination

Ten years ago in our village just a few number of homes had power lighting system. Them that had advanced had the solar system which meant that there would be no security lights as we are used to currently with the electricity connectivity available. Many homesteads used lanterns which did not produce enough light. Walking in darkness by then was not an issue because we were used to it. We had mastered all the roads and routes and it seemed normal. There were rare cases of missing on the roads or even collision with other people or cyclists. Darkness was part of us and we were used to it because it was the order of the day. Wait until electricity connectivity advanced.
The bible gives an explicit illustration whereby no one lights a lamp and hides it under a table. The light is placed on the topmost place so as to light to everyone who is within its reach. By so doing will its purpose have been realized. The presence of light means that darkness will not prevail and in it rarely will activities that ought to be operating will happen. We do not have the real face of an occurrence or item or anything else unless we subject it to light.
Life is full of ups and downs whereby one will go through caves, valleys tunnels and oceans of life amongst other whereby difficulties storm in our paths. In such moments there seems to be no hope, no pinch of it. In all these circumstances, there are always other option (shortcuts) which raise an enticing view of the easiness with which one can navigate through. At such a time one is torn apart in the route and avenue to advance in. no one longs for such a time but it however keeps on coming even when all options are good.
No one in their lives love darkness. We tend to avoid darkness in our lives all the time. But the truth is that the life of human being in their own capacities and strengths fail to overcome this phenomena. This is because we need light that comes from another source. There must be the aspect of sustainability from the source and longevity.
Jesus Christ got it all right when He said that He is the light unto the world. The world no longer is under darkness but light. However, this mystery is experienced by them who submit unto them that give themselves unto Him. He is Christ Jesus the Lord of Lords. How I discovered recently that I am even afraid to walk in darkness because visibility is tampered with, imagination is just overtaken and the mind ends up being bombarded with thought of how one can come from anywhere and attack you or even an animal. I dislike that state.
The truth is anyone who is in Christ have found the true treasure and value. Christ is the light and He said “While ye have the light, believe on the light, that ye may become sons of light.” This is the same appeal that is being made unto us. Till we have the light and work and walk towards its retention, we will always stumble. In the acceptance of this light, we become sons of light and we are in a capacity to become the light of the world. And in doing so, the heavenly father is glorified
-John 12
-Mathew 5:12-16

by Ken Sammoh

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