What Is Your Homage?

Man is a worshipper. That is an inherent part of human beings. We can all agree though some will contest this for one reason or another. To worship is to give reverence to. This can be done knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly. However the big question will not be on how but the item of reverence upon which the worship is being attributed to.
There are various items of worship as well as persons as well as systems amongst other. They include work, money, riches, wealth, wife, property, children, career, relationship, erotomania, hedonism, etc. additionally, god and gods are attributed to worship. In the act of worship, we are seeking the inner satisfaction. This then leads to the next question: where does my inner satisfaction come from?
One author hit the nail on the head when he stated, “when ones object of worship is finished, there is no other reason for living. ” Having this in mind, the psalmist had it when he said that many trust in chariots while others in horses and to add some have also trusted in their strengths amongst others. But the sincere confession is that these do not give satisfaction which leaves man craving and wondering for more satisfaction.
The Christian faith, founded on the BIBLICAL teachings, gives us a more satisfying solution with a chain of examples. Job was a man who was entitled to wealth, riches and possessions, wife and children but there is no one time when his heart and worship shifted from God. This is well illustrated by the myriad of events and occurrences that surrounds his life yet he remains unshakable. In the midst of this he finds the audacity to reverence God.
David had it right when he ascertains to us how worth it is when we remain rooted in the worship of Jehovah. He states that we rise and stand upright. If the trust will be anchored on materialism, it then means that the vanishing of these material will interpret to the vanishing on the god which means that there will be nothing to live for.
This does not then mean that all is lost. There is one person upon whom when we attribute our worship to Him we are warranted of the satisfaction we seek. He is the firm foundation, the rock of ages and the ancient one who goes beyond time. His name is Jehovah the eternal-living-God. Anyone who comes to Him is never rejected and accepting Him gives us the privilege of dining at His table. When we find Him, we are settled and our restlessness is done away with. His brook flows with eternal satisfaction and brings new life to us. It is a matter of taking a step of faith and a bold one and committing our lives to Him. His name is Jesus Christ whose hands are always open to receive anyone who calls unto Him. Jesus the all in all.
-the book of Job
-Psalms 20:7-8
– John 3:16-17

by Ken Sammoh

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