Is it possible?

When the term accessibility and mobility are made mention off, places and traveling and ways are some of the words that start coming in our mind. A road cannot just exist. It exists with a reason of leading to a place and destination(s). However, there are always choices and decisions involved in between the journey.
Jesus raises a very profound statement that no other person has made when He said that He is the truth, way and life and that no one gets ti the father except through Him. Him being the way nullify the statement that the routes can be many with one destination. There is a specificity in this way.
Narrow is the gate into the path that leads to life while wide is the gate to destruction. Few locate the narrow gate while many are able to locate the wider gate. Obviously, the smaller a thing is the more the details and the more attention it requires into details. By so saying, locating the gate is not all but that the starting point. Additionally, Grace gives us the freedom and only those that enter through the gate will testify that there is freedom. Freedom without responsibility is not worth giving.
Walking in this way calls for a daily evaluation and monitoring and the guide has been given to us but the success of the journey is dependent on the cooperation we exhibit. The HolyGhost is the guide. We yield ourselves to him and we are guaranteed of a victorious walk but when we abandon Him we lose.
Though we are nit perfectionists, there is a call to working out our salvation with fear and tremble. We’ve got to pledge our allegiance to Him and mean it. If only we live right and in light in public and privately we walk in dark then we are deviating from the path. A walk in the path is a true illustration of a life worth the death of Christ. And the question that should hit our mind every now and then is: is my walk based in His footsteps? What would Jesus do?
John 14:6
Matthew 7:13-14
Philippians 2:12

by Ken Sammoh

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