The messenger

In his book ‘evangelism by fire’ of 90 & 91 Reinhard Bonnke narrates of a talk he had with a ‘spiritual counsellor’ in Lesotho l. This man handled problems and difficulties of his flock by calming them such that when going home they felt good. However, he didn’t acknowledge the person of Jesus Christ as God.
An analogy is given: a man who is in a wrecked ship that is sinking does not need a pill to quicken his death and make it peaceful. He doesn’t need sympathy either. He needs someone who’ll get hold of his hand and rescue him. He needs a saviour not an equalizer to mute his shouting for help.
Likewise, the world does not need sympathy but a saviour who’ll save it from perishing. Additionally, the coat has already been paid by the Lord our God by His death at the cross. The world will only know this and even reminded of it by us who’ve  realized the mystery. For how will they know Him unless they are told and how shall they go unless they are sent.
How blessed are feet if them that carry the gospel of good news to the poor. We’ve already been sent by Jesus Christ our Redeemer who’ve made us the ambassadors of his kingdom. You’re within a domain and the only thing needed is actualizing this. Your audience is all over you.
1. Evangelism by fire – Reinhard Bonnke.
2. John 3:16-17
3. Romans 10: 14-15
4. Mathew 28: 16-20

by Ken Sammoh

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