The River and the Source

Imagine the working of a binocular. You look through it and see the amazement in the way it functions. The setting of the adjustment of the lens and other parts. If it is assigned to a rescue team that is in the process of tracing a lost person or treasure. The main purpose will be what is being located through it, not the binocular itself. It leads to something that wonderful and precious.
Many are the times that our councils smash us with very discouraging news of how the city will run out of water for a couple of hours, days and at times weeks in the rural area. The reason being repairs at the source of the water or treatment plant which handles water first from the source before distribution takes occurrence.
To trace the root cause of any problem, the route towards the acquisition of a solution starts by evaluating the roots or the source of the issue at hand. By so saying I don’t mean that the problem may originate from the source but rather the source could also be the solution. Moses understood this concept so well.  God tells him that because they are stiff-necked people, He won’t go with them lest he destroys them on the way. But that is not all. He promises them that he will send an angel with them, he will fight for them and even bring them to the land flowing with milk and honey. Moses is not moved with that decision and they preferred to stay rather than go without God. It would have been easy for them and they would have been comfortable.
The reality is that the heart of man cannot be satisfied by material possession but it requires to connect with its maker: God. Blessing and all that we have act as an avenue pointing us to God. The paramount thing is to know the creator and be related to him, not what he has created. These blessing are binoculars pointing us to the transcendent one whom it is what matters most. In this case the source is Christ and not until we are connected to Him we will never have cure in our lives.
Exodus 33:1-6

by Ken Sammoh

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