Ultimate Standard

When kids are born they resemble a newly purchased computer. Ready to be fed with data and information and programs while processing into various outputs. When looking at a newly born kid questions start running in our mind what the kid could be thinking with reference to our mind capacity. Imagine no one takes a kid to a class of lying but the kid naturally does it. Taking sugar and chocolate and when the mother conducts an inquiry the kid will lie and deny it. But as time goes by there are custodians, friends, guardians and society amongst others who will be in charge of ‘teaching’ some values while others they learn by themselves via various methods.
Gentrification as used in planning and design is a process whereby a rich people will migrate into an urban area of low income level and start initiating developments and improvements. Quite a good thing, isn’t it? But looking deeper, at times this is a displacement process in that the ‘weak’ persons will have to vacate and move elsewhere for an alternative.
Our society is full of men and women of different caliber who live for different agendas. Some live to eat and drink for the next day they die. Other live to fulfill the expectation of others while others live to make names for themselves together with other reasons. Additionally, all these groups of people try to induce to the society at large their principles, reasons for living and beliefs as well as character traits. Our society end up even commending us to some while warning us from other and quoting them to us. However, in trying to take from all these people you don’t get a specified standard. You become like a vehicle in a garage but being attended unto by tens of mechanics who are not getting command from one control point.
When standard come in we ask whose standard are we to walk with: that of society, parent, which group or individual’s? But in order to ensure justice and fairness and equality we got to look for one. The bible gives us one who is Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. He is the standard for the universe and if all realign ourselves with Him, then the world be far much better but before that the mess there is still remains because every person will be running with their set standards. The best we can do is to realign ourselves to Him, direct our friends to Him as well as our children and families. Christ is the ultimate standard and truth. He calls us all who are weak and unrighteous to make us righteous, strong in Him and redefines our purpose in Him.


The English language and idiomatic expression have it that we ought not to judge a book by its cover. Either way there is a need to just go over the inner pages to affirm whether the book is a good or a bad one. But there are times when what is in can be judged even by peeping through the cover page. Last week I happened to have been at a place where some few villagers were having a chat on the cost of education especially the secondary level. We all agree that the angle of elevation has been increasing with time. One man said of how he has spent a lot in sending his son to high school and due to the concern of the life of his son he can offer some ‘honey’ for his son to join NYS.
I was left with several questions: if my dad sent me to NYS through such means would I accept? Is that the only route he has to give a future to his son? What is the difference between him and the CSs and other persons who have been charged of corruption? Where is their hope cast upon? Are these not some of the people whose volume tunes so high in pointing out the leaders in the places they are purposing to go and make ‘deposits’ for the so perceived goodness of their sons? No wonder an undiscovered thief will actively be involved in the mob justice activity of a thief who has been caught publicly.
Jesus came to complete and establish the law. No wonder hatred is judged as murder; but with law the murderer will be judged and the hater will be judged not. The time we are about to horn-speak of the vices in the society we should ask ourselves the levels we’ve contributed to their being and/or to what level we have contributed to their eradication. For any vice to terminate, it begins with you and me.
However, this is not inhaled but rather purposed in heart. This purposing will only be real if we allow God to be our leader, which we live for Him and not for ourselves. If not, we will keep on spot-jogging. If only we who have had an encounter would stand for Christ in walking the talk and talking the walk, we could cause a positive impact in the modern society. Conclusively, this have to start in our inner courtyards.

I Have The Answer

Parents always have a role of looking after their children, the gift from God. They are mandated with the role of teaching that which is valuable to them and society at large. Irrespective of how stiff-necked their kid is, the parent will toil to meet the needs of that kid. However, parents do not just provide for the kid but they discipline the kid for their errors and give advice. At times the parent may give the kid an eye of sympathy to see if the kid will change their negative character even by continuity of their goodness towards them. If the kid does not change, serious parents who are loving, will take a ‘better bitter’ style of straightening the young fellow.

many of us who are believers do ask ourselves, just as Jeremiah did in chapter 12:1-4, how on earth the men (men and women) who profane God, dishonor Him, reject Him, commit abominations amongst other wicked thins continue to build castles, being in good health, looking glorious yet we who seek to honour Him and search Him cannot stand along their paths? Indeed others will proclaim and confess how God has been good yet in their hearts and acts they exhibit no Rhyme. When the non-believer says that he/she prays and his prayers answered they forget that God is just like those parents waiting for their kids to change.

indeed they will make statements like, “every person know their God well” and am left wondering whether we have 7billion gods or one and the everlasting God: Yahweh.  If it is with reference to Him, then His standards are Explicitly explained in the Bible though some will claim they are Implicit and inadequate to convince them to change. Actions that are good will save not lest some of us prophesying Christ as lord and Saviour stand next to some ‘good doers’ and remain dumb in that their level of helping is 90% while yours is 15%. Salvation is only by the believing in the person of Jesus Christ for salvation is found in no other name apart from the name of Christ Jesus. Good actions are just but fruits of the one inhabiting in us as Believers who is Christ Jesus. Like the Eureka exclamation by Archimedes, I will lift up the banner and say: ‘I have the answer.’ and when they ask me what the answer is I will give the answer as a who (person), and His name is CHRIST JESUS and Not until We Find Him Our Hearts Remain Restless.